Coffee Maker Water Filters


Coffee – it’s how millions of us start our day.  Brewing your own coffee at home in your Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart or Black & Decker coffee maker is a steadfast morning ritual.  Nothing is more important than having a flavorful, great tasting cup of coffee to get your day moving.  Using charcoal water filter replacements in your coffee maker is great for your machine AND your brew!  Common tap water can contain impurities including minerals, chlorine and even odors which affect the taste of your water, and ultimately your coffee. Our nano-silver activated carbon filters remove these impurities through the filtering process, which allows your coffee flavor to shine.  And by removing minerals, coffee maker water filters can reduce scale buildup and improve overall maintenance of your coffee maker.  You surely don’t want your coffee maker to fail you when you need it most, and our filters help to keep it maintained.

Sorry, we currently do not have a carafe that fits this model. Please check back in the future as we are always testing new models.