French Press


Why does coffee brewed from a French Press taste so amazingly different? Unlike other brew methods, the French Press gives you absolute control over the infusion time (longer infusion time produces a bolder and stronger cup). Perhaps more importantly, the unique screen filter allows essential coffee oils to make their way into your cup; oils that would normally be blocked out and eliminated by paper filters. These oils are responsible for producing a very full body fantastically thicker and more flavorful than anything you’d experience from any other brew method, period. Better yet, the Press is super inexpensive, simple to use, easy to clean, better for the environment (because no disposable filters are needed) and takes up virtually no space in your kitchen.  Add our French Press to your cart and treat yourself to some amazingly flavorful home brewed coffee – you’ll absolutely love the taste of your brew!

Sorry, we currently do not have a carafe that fits this model. Please check back in the future as we are always testing new models.