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Glass Espresso Carafe, 4 Cup / 8 Oz Capacity (#EXP100)


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Upgrade Your Espresso Experience with Universal Glass Espresso Replacement Carafe

Introducing the Café Brew Universal Glass Espresso Carafe Replacement, a versatile, high-quality solution designed to enhance your espresso experience. Compatible with Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, Breville, Krups, DeLonghi, Gaggia, Nespresso, and more, this carafe is crafted from premium German Borosilicate glass, with exceptional durability and heat resistance, allowing you to fully savor your espresso. This replacement carafe not only excels in functionality but also boasts timeless elegance. The sleek black handle and transparent glass effortlessly complement the aesthetics of any espresso machine, creating a perfect blend of form and function, enhancing your morning coffee routine.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 3.3″
  • Diameter of Pot: 3.4″
  • Capacity: (4) 2 oz cups = 8 total oz (max. 11 oz +/- to top of stainless band)

The Café Brew Collection Universal Glass Espresso Replacement Carafe boasts an exceptional feature – its remarkable compatibility. This versatile carafe is meticulously designed to effortlessly fit a wide spectrum of espresso machines, including renowned brands such as Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, Breville, Krups, DeLonghi, Gaggia, Nespresso and more.

This compatibility feature significantly simplifies the process of finding a suitable replacement carafe, eliminating the need to search for a model-specific one. It ensures that, regardless of whether you own a Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, Breville, Krups, DeLonghi, Gaggia, Nespresso and more, espresso machine, the Café Brew Collection Universal Glass Espresso Replacement Carafe seamlessly integrates into your setup as a dependable replacement.

Made of premium German Borosilicate glass, it adds sophistication to your coffee setup with a clear surface. The modern black handle enhances both function and style, seamlessly fitting into your coffee routine.  The Universal Glass Carafe Replacement’s angled spout ensures a mess-free pour, enhancing your coffee ritual with precision.

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Product Instructions / Product Care


A damaged carafe may result in burns from a hot liquid. Follow the instructions below to reduce the risk of breaking the carafe:

• The carafe is for household use only.
• The carafe must never be used on a range top.
• Do not set a hot carafe on a wet or cold surface.
• Do not use a carafe having a loose or weakened handle.
• Discard the carafe if chipped, cracked or damaged in any manner.
• Discard the carafe immediately if it is ever boiled dry.
• Do no subject carafe to impact, scratches or rough handling as this may weaken glass.


• Do not clean the carafe with abrasive cleansers, scouring pads or other abrasive materials; they will scratch and weaken the glass which may cause the carafe to break.
• Use only sponge, plastic or nylon wash pads with soapy water when washing by hand.
• Dishwasher top rack safe. Avoid carafe contact with other items in dishwasher.