Expert Tips for Cleaning Replacement Coffee Carafes

Expert Tips for Cleaning Replacement Coffee Carafes

Being knowledgeable in all things coffee, I am often asked about ways to improve the quality of coffee being brewed at home or in the office.  Frankly the easiest way to achieve a better cup of coffee is to the clean the brewing equipment properly.  Whether you’re using universal replacement coffee carafes for your auto-drip machine, a Cafe Brew Collection pour-over coffeemaker or glass stovetop percolator, this is the cheapest and most important way to get better coffee right away.

If you’re like us here at our Medelco office, you probably use the same replacement coffee carafes or pour-over coffeemaker every day.  And day after day, you probably just rinse and leave it to dry without a thorough cleaning.  But each time you brew coffee, coffee oils are left behind.  Over time, these oils will leave a messy residue on the inside of your carafe, which are particularly easy to notice on glassware products.


Replacement Coffee Carafes

Universal Replacement Coffee Carafes – Cafe Brew Collection by Medelco

Ideally you should clean your replacement carafes or pour-over coffeemaker after each use to help prevent residue buildup.  The cleanup process doesn’t have to be a big deal – simply rinse out the old coffee, wipe down with a soapy sponge and let it dry.  But there will be times when you’re faced with an uncleaned carafe or percolator for too long and the buildup seems impossible to remove.  This is because the coffee oils and water minerals have virtually glued together on the inside of the glass.  This can be unsightly and also result in poor tasting coffee.

There are a variety of ways to help you remove buildup when normal detergents won’t work.  The following recommendations help break down the buildup of coffee oils and minerals that occur from continued brewing without cleaning.

  1. Use a commercial coffee cleaner product. There are several options available at your local retail outlets.
  2. Soak the replacement coffee carafes with a solution of vinegar and hot water. Once rinsed, the residue should spill out along with the solution.

These recommendations will help to keep your carafes clean, but it is also important to use the same techniques for your permanent coffee filters too!

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