How to Brew Different Types of Popular Teas

How to Brew Different Types of Popular Teas

People across the globe have been enjoying tea for thousands of years. From religious ceremonies to afternoon gatherings, this beloved beverage plays many different roles in modern life. Whether you are a tea aficionado or a casual drinker, proper preparation is essential to ensure your drink has the right color, aroma, and flavor. But with so many ways to prepare tea, how do you know which option is best? Below, we’re breaking down three infusion methods, as well as the ideal brewing times and temperatures for each type of tea. Let’s take a look!

Ideal Tea Brewing Times and Temperatures

Before you brew your beverage, it’s essential to understand the necessary brew times and temperatures for the type of tea you’re making. For a general guideline, use the following recommendations:

  • Black tea should steep for about five minutes in boiling water (212°F).
  • Oolong tea should steep for about six minutes at 190°F.
  • Green tea should steep for about three minutes at 170°F.
  • White tea should steep for about four minutes at 180°F.
  • Herbal teas (including rooibos) should steep for about five minutes in boiling water.

Whether you’re preparing your beverage with a tea filter, loose tea holder, tea plunger, or another method, it’s important to stick to these brew times and temperatures. Even a slight change can affect the overall taste and quality of your tea.

How To Infuse Tea Using a Teabag

Infusing tea with a teabag is easy, as the leaves are pre-portioned, and you don’t have to worry about filtering them. Simply put the tea bag into your chosen cup and add about six ounces of hot water (using the aforementioned temperature list as a guide). Then, allow the bag to steep for the appropriate amount of time. When the tea is finished steeping, remove the bag and enjoy your beverage!

Keep in mind that standard tea bags don’t contain a large number of leaves, so it’s important to avoid using more than six ounces of water. If you want to make a large mug of tea or a whole pot, adjust the number of bags accordingly so that you have one for every six ounces of water.

How to Filter Tea Using a Paper Tea Filter

Another effective way to brew tea is by using a paper filter. This is an empty tea bag that works like a sandwich bag – you put your leaves in and then fold the bag over. Then, you place it in hot water, which can filter through the bag freely without letting the leaves escape.

The advantage of using this method is that you can adjust how much tea is in the filter. This allows you to use more or less tea, depending on how many cups you’re making.

How to Use a Tea Infuser

A single-cup tea infuser works a lot like a paper tea filter, except it’s reusable and has a slightly different construction. To brew tea with this product, add leaves to the infuser, close it, and brew according to the above time and temperature guidelines. While this process is simple, there are several considerations to keep in mind. First, you must choose an infuser that is able to steep your tea effectively. Unfortunately, some infusers are designed to look nice but don’t allow enough water flow to ensure the tea is properly infused.

You also want to ensure that you don’t overfill your infuser. While a paper tea filter allows water to move freely through the filter, tea infusers have a limited number of holes for water to flow through. Overfilling the infuser will limit the flow of water and negatively impact the steeping process.

It’s also important to adjust the amount of water you use based on how much tea you place in the infuser. Some infusers can hold a lot of tea and are capable of brewing an entire pot, but others are single-cup tea infusers that shouldn’t be used for more than six ounces of water.

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