How Does a Coffee Percolator Work?

How Does a Coffee Percolator Work?

Stove percolators have long been a classic way to make coffee. However, there’s still a lot of mystique around them today. Wondering what makes coffee stove percolators so special? Here’s a closer look at what they are and how they work.

What Is a Coffee Percolator?

Coffee percolators are typically shaped like a pitcher, with a distinct upper and lower section that’s separated by a hollow tube. The upper portion contains a basket, which is where the grounds are placed. The lower portion features a container where the water is poured, and the coffee is brewed.

When the water in the bottom of the percolator is heated, it boils and travels up the tube. Eventually, it will pour out of the top of the tube, seeping down through the grounds and creating the brewed coffee.

Percolators are available in a variety of different styles. Electric percolators have coils beneath the water that warm it up, much like an electric kettle. Meanwhile, glass stovetop percolators sit on top of your stove, which then boils the water. Beyond their functionality, glass percolators give you a clear view of the brewing process ­– and there’s something undeniably soothing about watching the water boil into coffee.

Do Coffee Percolators Require Filters?

One of the most convenient aspects of an electric or glass coffee percolator is that you won’t need to buy traditional filters, as the product’s perforated basket serves the same purpose. This allows the water to drip down without letting the coffee grounds fall through.

How Do You Make Coffee in a Stovetop Percolator?

To make coffee in a percolator pot, fill the upper basket with coarse-ground beans and the lower chamber with the appropriate amount of water. Be sure to use the same proportions as you would with a standard drip coffee maker. Another tip? As with other brewing methods, your coffee will taste best when you make a full or almost-full pot.

Once the coffee percolator is set up, turn on the heat source according to the product instructions.  The product’s tube will regulate the flow of water.

After the coffee is brewed to your preferred taste, turn off the heat source and enjoy your fresh pot. Because the water will continue flowing up the tube as long as it’s heated, you can make the brew as light or dark as you want!

Do Coffee Percolators Make Better Coffee?

Percolators don’t necessarily make better or worse coffee, but they do create a distinctive brew. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this method often produces especially dark coffee, which many people prefer. If you appreciate lighter coffee, feel free to experiment and increase the water-to-coffee ratio.

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