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Reusable Coffee Filter System for Keurig Brewers (#RK101)


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Brew your own favorite coffee in your single server brewer!  Our reusable coffee filter system has been universally designed to fit brewers using K-Cup technology, including Keurig , Breville, Cuisinart and Mr. Coffee brand brewer machines. Not compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines. A great alternative to disposable coffee pods like K-Cups. Using our refillable filters will save you money and also reduce K-Cup waste in our landfills.

Product Instructions / Product Care


• Disassemble Filter System by twisting Lid and removing Filter. Prior to initial use, wash entire product in warm soapy water or in upper rack of dishwasher.
• Remove the K-Cup® coffee pod holder assembly from your machine as directed in instructions included with your brewer.
• Fill the Filter with desired amount of ground coffee. The recommended ratio is 2 Tablespoons of ground coffee to each 6 ounces of water; however, fill based on individual preference. Do not fill Filter above the top of the mesh. Please note that too fine of a coffee grind may cause clogging of the filter mesh; a coarser grind is recommended.
• Insert Filter into Filter Housing and twist on the Lid. Use caution when twisting Lid to avoid breakage. Also be sure to clear any grinds from the top of the filter before attaching Lid.
• Insert the Filter System into your brewer. Please be sure to remove the existing assembly as directed above.
• Lower handle on your brewer and brew as directed in instructions included with your brewer.
• After use lift handle on your brewer and, when Filter System has cooled, remove the Filter System. Open Filter System by twisting Lid, remove Filter and properly dispose of used grinds. Always use caution when removing and opening Filter System to ensure that components have cooled so as to avoid injury or burns.
• Rinse Filter System with water and/or wash as directed above.
• If desired, replace K-Cup® holder assembly as directed in instructions included with your brewer.


• This product is for household use only.
• When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed. Refer to the instructions included with your brewer.
• CAUTION - this Reusable Single Serve Coffee Filter is not intended to be used with preassembled K-Cup® coffee products. Do not place preassembled K-Cup® coffee products into this Filter System.
• CAUTION - Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to your brewer and/or personal injury.
• CAUTION: Please handle with care. Coffee grounds and filter system may be hot after use.
• Allow filter system to cool prior to removing and cleaning.
• Do not overfill filter with coffee or compact grounds as this may cause filter mesh to clog.
• Discard of used coffee grounds prior to washing.
• Dishwasher safe or hand-wash in warm, soapy water.