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8 Cup Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker (#PO108-RD)


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Enjoy robust and flavorful coffee with the Café Brew Pour Over Coffee Maker. In just a few easy steps, you can make up to 8 cups of coffee using the pour-over brewing method. Simply add your favorite ground coffee into the filter, pour water over the grounds and in just a few minutes you’ll be savoring a delicious cup of coffee!

Made of the highest quality heat resistant DURAN® glass from Germany. Includes a BPA-free permanent coffee filter.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 8.8”
  • Base Diameter: 5.7”
  • Capacity: 8 cups/40 fl. oz
Product Instructions / Product Care


• Let’s Begin: Insert the permanent coffee filter into the top of the coffeemaker.
• Add Coffee: Whether you prefer pre-ground coffee or grinding whole beans, use a medium-coarse grind for the best brew and coffeemaker performance. Add one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee into the filter for every 5 oz. of water. Depending on taste, you may use more or less coffee so feel free to experiment.
• The Coffee Bloom: Slowly pour a small amount of hot (not boiling) water in a circular motion over the grounds until evenly saturated. Let the coffee sit for approximately 30 seconds to “bloom”, which will ensure you capture all of your coffee’s flavor.
• Brew: After the coffee has bloomed, slowly pour the remaining water over the grounds and thoroughly soak all of the coffee. Depending on the number of cups being brewed, you may need to repeat the pour several times. Be sure to allow the water to completely pass through the coffee in between each pour.
• Enjoy: Once brewing is complete remove the filter, pour coffee into your favorite mug and enjoy!


• CAUTION: This coffeemaker is made of glass, which is a fragile material. To minimize the risk of coffeemaker breakage, serious cuts and scalding note the following:
• This Coffeemaker is for household use only.
• Product is strictly intended for brewing coffee.
• For adult use only. Never leave the coffeemaker unattended while in use. Close supervision is necessary if coffeemaker is used near children.
• Do not subject coffeemaker to impact or use any hard implements on or inside coffeemaker as it may weaken glass and cause it to break unexpectedly.
• Prior to each use, inspect coffeemaker to ensure that there are no scratches, nicks or cracks. If coffeemaker has been damaged, immediately discontinue use of product.
• Coffeemaker and liquid may be hot. Be sure to handle the coffeemaker by the heat resistant silicone grip. Use of oven mitts is recommended.
• Use caution when removing permanent filter as contents may be hot. Make sure hot water has completely passed through filter before removing.
• Use caution when brewing and pouring to prevent scalding and injury from spillover.
• Do not overfill coffeemaker with water, which can cause spillover.
• Do not use coffeemaker on a stovetop.
• Do not place coffeemaker on cold or wet surface.
• When changing or reattaching silicone grip, be sure grip tabs are securely fastened prior to use.


• Do not use abrasive pads, brushes or cleansers on or inside of glass as it may scratch the glass and cause it to break unexpectedly.
• Use only sponge, plastic or nylon wash pads with soapy water when washing glass by hand.
• Glass is dishwasher top rack safe. Securely place glass in dishwasher and avoid contact with other items.
• To clean silicone grip, unfasten grip tabs and wash in warm, soapy water.
• To clean permanent filter, place in dishwasher or wash in warm, soapy water.