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Recycle A Cup® Cutter; 2-Pack (#RK606)


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Cuts and separates used K-Cup® pods for recycling – See demonstration video below!

More and more of us are using convenient Keurig® brewers and K-Cup® pods to deliver our delicious morning brew. The truth is most people are not aware that those little pods are not recyclable when they are intact. Sadly, nearly 20 billion coffee pods end up in landfills every year, not decomposing.

Now, the reality is these pods CAN be recycled with the help of Recycle A Cup®. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to use the grinds as compost and recycle the rest of the pod…it’s just that simple

Product Instructions / Product Care


Not all pods are exactly the same.  The Recycle A Cup® cutter works with the majority of coffee pod designs such as K-Cup® and similar brands. However, the cutter may not work with all brands due to small differences in pod sizes, materials and thicknesses. Please use the Recycle A Cup® cutter to get a feel for how it works with your favorite pod brand. For more information visit

Step 1: Load
• Wait for your used K-Cup® pod to cool.
• Load the pod into the cutter.

Step 2: Twist
• Press both green buttons.
• Keep buttons pressed and twist once completely around the pod.

Step 3: Separate
• Release both buttons.
• Remove upper part of the pod from the plastic.

Recycle & Compost
• Recycle or reuse the plastic pod.
• Recycle the aluminum top.
• Compost the paper and coffee grinds.


• CAUTION: Product contains sharp cutting blades and care must be used to help avoid injury. Keep body parts away from cutting blades.
• For adult use only, not for use by children.
• Coffee pods may be hot after use in brewer. Make sure coffee pod has cooled prior to using Recycle A Cup cutter.