How to Make Iced Coffee

How to Make Iced Coffee

Light and sweet, strong and black, or somewhere in between – no matter how you take your coffee, serving it over ice can be a refreshing change. While iced coffee is a beloved warm weather treat, plenty of people enjoy it year-round as well, and you don’t have to visit a coffee shop to get it. Just as you brew your hot coffee from the comfort of your kitchen, iced coffee can be made at home, too. Here’s how:

Make Iced Coffee at Home in Four Simple Steps

Iced coffee is, quite simply, hot coffee that’s cooled off with ice. However, if you were to brew a regular pot of coffee and merely pour it over ice, you’d have a watered-down beverage (and no one wants that). Instead, iced coffee should be made by brewing coffee at double-strength and then cooling it with ice.

Iced coffee can be made with a glass percolator, glass coffee pot, or any other preferred brewing system. Additionally, you can use a reusable coffee filter, a large coffee filter basket, or any paper coffee filter. You’ll just need extra room to hold the grounds, which may be a challenge with certain brewing machines. If your coffee maker’s filter is too small to accommodate additional grounds, make a half-pot of coffee rather than a full serving.

Follow these steps to make iced coffee at home:

  1. Brew the coffee with twice as many grounds as normal but keep all other aspects of brewing the same.
  2. Once the coffee is brewed, measure out an equal amount of ice so that you have one-part coffee to one-part ice.
  3. Pour the coffee over the ice and store it in the refrigerator if you won’t be serving it right away.
  4. Serve the beverage in glasses full of ice and add cream or sugar to taste.

While you could cool the coffee in the refrigerator or freezer instead of using ice, this might alter the brew’s flavor. Therefore, it’s preferred to quickly cool off the coffee with ice, which can be put directly into a universal coffee pot or your serving glass.

Bonus: How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is, as its name describes, coffee that’s brewed cold instead of hot. This requires quite a different brewing process. To make cold brew coffee, you’ll need two sizeable containers and a filter. While formal setups are likely the best coffee machines for making cold brew, you can use two kitchen storage containers and a cheesecloth if you don’t want to invest in a complete system. Or, if you want to make a small batch of cold brew to see if you like it, you can use a pour over coffee maker or universal coffee pot and a coffee filter basket. A slotted spoon and Mr. Coffee carafe are also helpful, although not absolutely necessary.

Follow these steps to create your cold brew:

  1. Grind the coffee until it’s extremely coarse.
  2. Measure out the grounds and water using a ratio of four to five parts of water for every one part of coffee.
  3. Combine the coffee and water in a container and cover it.
  4. Stir the mixture after about one hour. Then, let it steep overnight (for at least 12 hours).
  5. Remove the lid and scoop out the grounds on top with a slotted spoon.
  6. Pour the remaining grounds and water through the cheesecloth and into the other container.
  7. Serve in a glass over ice, with cream and sugar to taste.
  8. Store any extra cold brew in a Mr. Coffee carafe for up to one week – this is a great time-saving technique that can speed up your morning routine.

The cooler brewing temperature of cold brew creates a rich and smooth coffee that goes very well with cream. This method also produces a much higher caffeine content, so you may need to dilute your beverage with water.

All of the Brewing Accessories You Need at an Affordable Price

Warmer weather is on the horizon, which means now is a great time to experiment with iced coffee and cold brew to find your new go-to drink. No matter which method you choose, Café Brew has the brewing systems and accessories you need to create the perfect beverage. From replacement coffee pots to permanent coffee filters and the best coffee brewers, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at Café Brew.

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