Find the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers This Holiday

Find the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers This Holiday

Do you have coffee lovers on your holiday shopping list this year? We all probably do. Perhaps you are a coffee extraordinaire as well! Consumption of coffee plays such an essential role in so many of our lives. The caffeine it contains gives us that needed pep-in-our-step as we go to work or school, and it can also help us get through our busy days. In addition to the extra energy it provides, the benefits of consuming caffeine regularly can include reducing the risk of certain cancers, increasing memory, and relieving pain. With its benefits and universal appeal, you can’t go wrong with a coffee related gift this holiday!

Coffee Lovers Holiday

Making Great-Tasting Coffee at Home

Crafting a delicious tasting cup of coffee in the comfort of your home is simple and convenient. There are many easy brewing options available in addition to the standard automatic drip coffee maker. For a coffee enthusiast, a new way to enjoy their cup of joe makes an excellent gift idea. Read on to learn more about a few suggestions:

  • Pour Over Coffee Makers: Pour over coffee makers are incredibly easy to use – add ground coffee into the filter, pour water over the grounds, and get ready to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Pour over drip coffee makersproduce up to eight cups of full-bodied, strong cups of coffee with intense flavor. Because the grounds are all evenly wet, with this method you are better able to extract the flavor from the coffee beans. Additionally, you have complete control of the water temperature, strength, and taste to make the coffee to your exact preferences.
  • Kettles and Percolators: You brew coffee with Kettles and Percolators on your stovetop by boiling water through coffee grounds that are inside a small chamber. This method is excellent if you’re making coffee in the workplace or for a large amount of people – it can make as many as 10 cups at a time! Kettles and Percolatorsare also useful for keeping coffee hot for an extended period without burning it.
  • Double wall Glasses: Double wall glasses are a must have for any coffee connoisseur. Not only do they look modern and beautiful, but their unique design helps keep your coffee hot much longer than traditional coffee mugs. They are also durable (made of high-quality glass materials), and less prone to breaking. Sipping coffee from lovely doubled-wall glassesis a delightful experience and would make an excellent gift for any coffee lover.

Choosing Quality Coffee-Related Gifts This Holiday

Instead of buying gift cards to a chain coffee shop for the secret Santa or coffee lover in your life this year, be creative and get them a new coffee maker or some brewing accessories instead. And while you are at it, why not treat yourself to a little something too? Here at Medelco Café Brew, we strive to provide consumers with high-quality coffee makers and accessories that we would be proud to use in our own kitchens. See the full range of our product offerings here.

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