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Replacement Charcoal Water Filters for Cuisinart Coffee Makers (12-Pack)


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Set of 12 charcoal water filters fit ALL Cuisinart? water filter holders. Helps ensure fresh brewed coffee by removing chlorine, odors and other water impurities before brewing. For use with Cuisinart? models DCC-900, DCC-1000, DCC-1200, DCC-1400, DCC-2200, DCC-2400, DDC-500, DDC-600, DDC-1000, DGB-500, DGB-600 and more. Requires replacing every 60 days or after 60 uses.

Product Instructions / Product Care


• Remove the filter from the polybag and soak, fully immersed, in cold tap water for 15 minutes.
• Flush filter with running cold tap water for 10 seconds.
• Allow the filter to drain completely.
• Place filter into the coffeemaker as directed in the instructions included with your coffeemaker.
• Note: use caution when inserting filter as improper placement can tear the filter skin.
• We recommend changing the water filter every 60 days or after 60 uses, more often if you have hard water.